A beautiful, soulful Garden

The first daffodils

Visited Cruden Garden in Langwarrin on Friday and although it was cold and it showered on and off it was an amazing visit.

The garden has evolved over the past 80 years when it was given as a wedding present to the newly married 19 year old Dame Elizabeth Murdoch from her husband Keith Murdoch.

Visually is is not a stunning garden in that there are no bells or whistles or landscaping techniques meant to dazzle and excite. What there is instead is a careful and thoughtful approach to gardening that aims to produce beautiful vistas while complimenting the local landscape.

There is a definite English sensibility to the garden and the plants that are used but even so it is the majestic avenue of lemon scented gums that create one of the most beautiful aspects of the garden. Walking down the main drive as the sun came out after a shower,  it was wonderful to be surrounded by these guns and smell their sweet lemon scent.

This was a garden that was created with love and it really does feel like a soulful and spiritual place. There is even a part of the garden called the homeless garden where Dame Elisabeth would put all the plants given to her or that had no where else to go. A great idea to for all gardeners who don’t know where to put all those odd plants. In fact we are going to find a spare spot in the garden and do the same thing!

If you get a chance go and visit Cruden Farm, spend a few hours walking around and enjoying the beautiful vistas and also the way in which this garden curls around and envelops you.

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