At all stages of the design process, we pride ourselves on excellent communication and we always ensure that we listen carefully to your questions and feedback. Collaboration is essential in ensuring your landscape design has met your needs and will help you to achieve a beautiful landscaped area to be enjoyed for years to come.


After you contact us, we meet for an initial consultation. In this meeting we have a brief discussion about your landscape needs (and dreams!) and tell you about our services and also show you some of our past designs.


We then send you a quote based on the size of the area to be landscaped, proposed garden features and other requirements indicating cost for each stage of the design process. You can choose to begin with a concept design and then decide on other services as we move through the process.


The concept plan is the first stage of the design and documentation process.  We meet again to complete a client brief which is a detailed discussion about your garden and what your requirements are. At this stage a site analysis will be completed and this includes taking measurements and ascertaining levels, a soil analysis and looking at existing garden elements. The completed concept plan will be presented to you after a week or two and will  indicate hard and soft landscaped areas, material and supplier  suggestions, plant suggestions and other garden features such as pools, decks, pergolas and water features as discussed during client brief.

The concept design also includes a detailed costing schedule based on current landscaping construction costs as well as recommended materials and suppliers.


If you would like to proceed to the next stage we meet to discuss changes and additions to the concept plan and move onto the final landscape design. The final 2D landscape design includes three designs: 1) Master plan with all design elements as well as material schedule and specifications 2) Planting plan with plant schedule listing all  botanical and common names, quantities and recommended supply size. 3) Lighting Plan with lighting schedule which lists lighting products including type, wattage and supplier.


We specialise in creating 3D views of our landscape designs. This is a great way to see what your finished garden will look like before you have even started construction!

3D garden design

3D Design of courtyard

Completed courtyard in Strathmore

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