Hot, Hot, Hot! Prepare Your Garden for Summer.

The last few days in Melbourne were incredibly hot and it’s only October. Time to have a look at your garden and see what you can do to heat proof it for the long hot summer ahead.

Here’s a few things you can look at doing to protect your plants.

1. Mulch your garden, Check this page for information about choosing mulch for your garden.

Eucalyptus Mulch

2. Use shade cloth to protect delicate plants and your veggies from the harsh afternoon sun.

3. When planting new plants choose drought resistant varieties. There are plenty exotics and natives that you can use. Check out Oz Breeds website as they specialize in drought tolerant plants and turf.



4.  Water early in the morning before it gets too hot so you can prevent heat scald and avoid watering at night because you can create a humid damp environment which sets up the right conditions for diseases such as powdery mildew.

5. Think about where you can plant shade trees and if you need shade in summer and sun in winter plant deciduous trees.

Enjoy the warm days ahead and most important of all enjoy your garden this summer.



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