End of Summer Gardening


Now it the time to step back and take a look at your garden which after a long, hot summer should be looking a bit tired.

At this time of the year in Melbourne gardens are starting to look beraggled. Some gardens are overgrown while others are dry and patchy.

This is good time to take note of which plants did well in summer and which ones didn’t. If some are not thriving and are looking a bit sad then maybe they are in the wrong spot and have either too much or too little sun or your soil is lacking the right nutrients for that particular plant.

Look up the plant (if you know its name) and find out the best conditions it needs to grow in. If it needs more sun or more shade then make a note of where you should move it to when the weather is cooler. Remember to factor in the angle of the sun in different seasons. Here’s a great sun path diagram for Melbourne from Museums Victoria that comes in very handy.

Also keep a garden journal to help you keep track of the plants you have and also take notes about how your plants fare through the seasons. One gardening’s biggest joys is learning through trial and error. Most passionate gardeners will tell you that throughout the years they learnt more from their mistakes than from their successes!


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